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The profession of providing pets with their own furniture

  • Purchase Question of Replacement Cover

If you intend to inquire if there are replacement covers available for purchase and price, please leave us a message as follows: Inform us which platform you purchase from and send us the screenshot of the product, so that we can inquire the corresponding cover for you

2023 New Bingopaw Indoor Pet Whelping Pen Box Dog Playpen

Very creative whelping box, a perfect alternative for traditional whelping pen or crate. It has spacious space for your female dogs to deliver puppies, for the puppies to roam around, for the rabbit or guinea pig to play. With a unique lock latch and waterproof fertility pad surface make cleanup a breeze.

  • Fits for Small Sized Pets.

    Solid wood legs, triangular structure ensures balance and stability.

  • Modern Appearance

    Classic appearance match well with furniture. Fits nicely into a corner

  • Luxury Pet Soft Warm Bed

    Durable composite board with soft plush fabric on the surface.

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