About Bingopaw

Bingopaw is created by a group of people who extremely love pets. Our products have retail platforms in all regions of the world, and this website is the only official website of our brand.

We are committed to providing pets with affordable, creative, comfortable, durable, exquisite, and premium daily necessities, like, dog &cat kennel/cushion/cage/waistcoat/crawler/backpack/ litter box, etc. We bend on improving and achieving interactive and harmony relationship between pets and owners.
Keeping pets just like raising children, not an easy task, whereas it is worth it. Every pet's personality, habit, and need is different and it will change with time, therefore we constantly develop and innovate, and strive to offer suitable products at every stage of your pet family.
All listed products are after selecting, physical testing and real experiencing. It is our mission that strive to develop good products to your lovely pets. If your pets get more comfortable experience and happier because of our products, it will be our pleasure, and also what we wish for!Pets are family!