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6 Panels Clear Acrylic Playpen Cage Small Animals Guinea Pig Hamster Yard Fence

6 Panels Clear Acrylic Playpen Cage Small Animals Guinea Pig Hamster Yard Fence

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【Innovative Material & Design】Have you ever had these problems? The metal wire fence easily get rusted, while the plastic fence were thin and flimsy, Bingopaw break with tradition and made a new design innovative playpen for small pets, perfect blend of acrylic panel with high-transparency at 3.2mm thickness and anti-oxidant aviation aluminum frame appeals a high-class look, easier to set up with patented connectors, it remains robust and stable

 【The Safest Pet Playpen】We Bingopaw playpen made of acrylic with high toughness and impact resistance, abandons the traditional metal wires, very smooth acrylic panel surface, which effectively prevents small animals from climbing out, also protects their teeth or paws from getting stuck, easier to wipe clean the dirt on the surface, creates a safe and comfortable fantasy land for your chinchillas, bunnies, hedgehog, guinea pig, gerbils, ferrets, or any other reptiles 

【Scientific Height】New design acrylic fence pen, measuring 15.74” high, 10cm taller than other fence in the market, any guinea pigs couldn’t jump over it, it’s convenient for you to observe and feed the animals if you place the fence in the corners or on the table, the overall weighs 8.08kg with nonslip rubber pad on the bottom, it keeps firmly in place without moving around, also protects the floor from dirt and scratches

 【Clear Acrylic Playpen Design】Crystal-clear acrylic fence, 360° high transparency and wide vision, enables you can see your hamsters, guinea pigs inside and interact with them, also relieve their from anxiety, they would provide you with years of enjoyment and happiness, this is a unique gift for your furry friends, giving them space to explore and play safely, while the look instantly improve overall home decor

【DIY Pet Playpen for Small Animals】This fence is consist of 6pcs acrylic panels, each measures 24.8” L by 15.74” H, can be installed into various shapes and combinations, such as rectangular, squared, or L -shape if you purchase two of set or more, it offers spacious room for your small animals to roam around and play, place their bed, toys inside, this acrylic fence is definitely good-looking than metal wire and plastic in the market, superb in quality


Type: Pet Playpen

Animals: Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Rabbits, Lizards, Hamster

Suitable for: Resting, playing, sleep

Model: 6 Panels

Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy + Acrylic + ABS + PVC

Color: Silver + transparent

Net Weight: 8.08kg/ 17.8 lbs

Product Dimension: L * W * H 124x63x40cm/ 48.81x24.8x15.74 inch

 Package Size: 67.5x48.3x13cm/ 26.6x19x5.1 inch

Shipping Weight: 9.89kg/ 21.8 lbs

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