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High Density Foam Dog Stairs For High Bed Sofa, 3/4/5 Steps Stairs Washable Cover

High Density Foam Dog Stairs For High Bed Sofa, 3/4/5 Steps Stairs Washable Cover

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Design with Pet Care in Mind - Unlike traditional dog steps, our dog stairs are designed by professional pet furniture designers to feature a comfortable slope, reducing the height of each step, this makes climbing easier and more effortless for pets, providing an ideal mobility solution for dogs, the gentle slope design helps protect the joints of your loyal companion

Relieves Pet Joint and Muscle Pressure - Jumping can be a challenging task for older, smaller, or less agile pets, foam pet stairs offer a gentle alternative for ascending and descending, reducing pressure on their joints and preventing accidents, thus contributing to their overall health, the bottom features superior rubber granules for anti-slip stability across the entire high-density foam staircase

30D High-Density Foam - Each cubic foot of our pet stairs is filled with carefully selected 30-pound high-density foam (30D), providing a balance of softness and support, these stairs offer stable support for small/medium-sized dogs and other pets weighing up to 60 pounds (27kg), maintaining resilience even after prolonged use

3/4/5 Stairs Options - Available in 3 sizes, with a width of 15.7 inches, the 3-step stairs have a height of 15.74 inches, the 4-step stairs have a height of 19.68 inches, and the 5-step stairs have a height of 22.04 inches, choose the most suitable climbing height for your pet based on the height of your sofa/bed/chair at home

Easy Cleaning & Care Instructions - The grey cover of the pet stairs is machine washable, please tumble dry at low temperature, our small dog steps are vacuum-sealed and require time to expand after opening, please wait for it to fully bounce back, generally, it will fully expand within 24-48 hours

Product Dimension: L * W * H 39x56x40cm/ 15.35x22.04x15.74 inch

Product Dimension: L * W * H 39x71x50cm/ 15.35x27.95x19.68 inch

Product Dimension: L * W * H 39x85x56cm/ 15.35x33.46x22.04 inch

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