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3 in 1 Pet Bowl: Stainless Steel Raised Cat Pet Food Bowls with Water Dispenser Slow Feeding Bowl for Cats Puppy Small Dogs

3 in 1 Pet Bowl: Stainless Steel Raised Cat Pet Food Bowls with Water Dispenser Slow Feeding Bowl for Cats Puppy Small Dogs

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【3-in-1 Design Pet Bowl】3 in 1 design, the set includes a non-spill food bowl, a slow feeder and automatic water dispenser, provides a convenient solution for pet owners with busy lifestyles, innovative design pet bowl, promotes pets’ healthier eating habits and prevent them from overeating

【Pet-friendly Design】Featuring a 304 stainless steel feeding tray, the safest bowl for pet to eat food, which is resistant to bacteria that can't find crevices or cracks in which to grow, easier to clean and anti-deformation, 15°tilted design of raised bowl that your cats can enjoy easy access to food without bending over too much, protect their cervical spine

【Non-spill & Slow Feeder】Non-spill bowl set with an edge design, will prevent food from spilling out, reduces mess and clean-up, it has slow feeder on the base that helps slow down when eating food, great for mental stimulation, reducing food aggression, and improving digestion

【Automatic Water Dispenser】Equipped with an automatic water dispenser, filling the water bottle, when the pet drinks the water, the water goes down it will refill a water,  easy to keep your pet hydrated, providing fresh, filtered water throughout the day, the water bottle is easy to change, compatible with 28mm opening


【Versatile &Practical】The perfect combination of non-spill food bowl, slow feeder, and automatic water dispenser, making it easier for your pets to enjoy fresh water and clean food at the same time, easily remove or detach them for cleaning, for travel trips, vibrant sky blue with orange color finish, practical yet stylish, adding a pop of fun to the home, the package includes all the accessories, ready for use

Type: Pet Bowl
Model: Food Bowl
Features: Portable, Automatic Water Dispenser
Material: 80% PP + 20% Stainless steel
Color: Blue+orange

Net Weight: 0.5kg/ 1.1 lbs
Product Dimension: L * W * H total 31x18.5cm/ 12x7.2 inch
Stainless Steel Bowl Diameter: 14.5cm/ 5.7 inch
Bowl Dimension: L * W * H 18.8x18.8x8.5cm/ 7.4x7.4x3.3 inch
Water Bottle Height: 21.5cm/ 8.4 inch

Package Size: 34x23x14cm/ 13.3x9x5.5 inch
Package Weight: 0.78kg/ 1.7 lbs


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