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Large Jumbo Soft Orthopedic Dog Bed Pet Kennel Pillow Bed w/ Washable Cover

Large Jumbo Soft Orthopedic Dog Bed Pet Kennel Pillow Bed w/ Washable Cover

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Available variety of sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL, 3XL.

The sponge foam is thick and comfort, provides good support, doesn’t sink down. 

Our Bingopaw sponge foam conforms to CE standard, free of harmful chemicals.

Prevents joint problems in the future, distribute dogs’ weight evenly, keep from cold floor.

Anti-slip 600D oxford cloth bottom, prevents slipping, ensures the bed stay put.

Removable zippered cover for easy washing, will save you a lot of cleaning time.

Soft linter fabric surface keep puppies feel warm and comfortable in all seasons.

The zipper plush cover enables to use the bed in the summer/ winter without/with cover.

Built with zipper plush cover, you can remove the cover when used in the summer.

The zipper plush cover is very soft and comfortable, great for cold winter use.

Classic color for a good pleasing look, matches well with the overall decor of your house.

Keeping your pets have a solid night’s sleep. Handle design for convenient carrying.

Creates a safe spot where your big dog breed can relax and feel calm and de-stress.

Jumbo enough for puppies stretching out and accommodating you and big dogs.

Measures the sizes carefully if you need the bed to fit dog cage or elevated bed.

If dogs sleep on cold or hard floor at night, they may be uncomfortably and wind up being sore or having other problems. Our cost-effective dog bed has different sizes and made with certified sponge foam, gives your pup a comfy spot to rest and sleep.



Function: Giving your puppy a safe spot to rest

Shape: Rectangle

Style: Modern

Type: Dog Bed/ Dog Pillow Bed

Features: Waterproof, washable

Material: 25% Polyester + 15% PV Plush fabric + 60% Sponge Foam

Color: Grey + Orange trim


Medium- Supports the weight within 22kg

Net Weight: 1.73kg/ 3.81 lbs

Product Dimension: L * W * H 80x50x8cm/ 31.4x19.6x3.1 inch

Thickness: 8cm/ 3.1 inch


Large- Supports the weight within 33kg

Net Weight: 2.66kg/ 5.86 lbs

Product Dimension: L * W * H 95x70x8cm/ 37.4x27.5x3.1 inch

Thickness: 8cm/ 3.1 inch

Extra Large- Supports the weight within 42kg

Net Weight: 4.055kg/ 8.94 lbs

Product Dimension: L * W * H 110x85x10cm/ 43.3x33.4x3.9 inch

Thickness: 10cm/ 3.9 inch

2XL- Supports the weight within 53kg

Net Weight: 4.8kg/ 10.6 lbs

Product Dimension: L * W * H 120x90x10cm/ 47.2x35.4x3.9 inch

Thickness: 10cm/ 3.9 inch

3XL- Supports the weight within 60kg

Net Weight: 6.36kg/ 14.02 lbs

Product Dimension: L * W * H 135x100x12cm/ 53.1x39.3x4.7 inch

Thickness: 12cm/ 4.7 inch

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